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Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay is a New Launch at Upper Serangoon View, District 19. Kingsford Waterbay will be available for public viewing from 21/02/2015 (3rd day of the Lunar Chinese New Year of 2015. Official launch or booking date is expected to be scheduled two weeks after the preview. Balloting will be the mode of sale. Kingsford Waterbay is Singapore's Largest launch in 2015 with a total of 1165 Residential Units of which 8 of them are Strata Landed consisting of 6 Terrace Houses and 2 Semi-Detached. The official TOP date as stated in the S&P agreement to be in December 2018. Kingsford Waterbay caters to different needs and wants. The unit mix are 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms + Study, 3 Bedrooms Dual Key, 4 Bedrooms, Terrace and Semi-Detached units.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condominium or Flat?

You probably heard Kingsford Waterbay being marketed as "Kingsford Waterbay Condo" or "Kingsford Waterbay Condominium" across the internet. That is not true. Kingsford Waterbay is a residential development classified as "flat". Kingsford Waterbay is the largest residential development to be launched in Singapore for year 2015, first day of preview during the auspicious Chinese New Year period. How unique is this development other than being the largest? How can Kingsford Waterbay attract home buyers, what can Kingsford Waterbay do for the investers who are waiting?

Kingsford Waterbay is no ordinary development, a very special one...

In order to tell someone that something is special or unique, we will first have to list out some of the ordinary stuffs. Needless to say, Kingsford Waterbay does comes furnished with very common facilities like a few swimming and kids play pool along with some fanciful names to it, BBQ, some greeneries, function room, gym, tennis court, fitness corner and etc... Almost every condominium development offers similar facilities and to certain extend, people term a Condo Development as full Condo Facilites as long as there is tennis court and swimming pool in it. Well, Kingsford Waterbay is not classified as a condominium but it certainly has the range of facilites of what people call "Full Condominium Facilities". Though this term is rather subjective and open for debate.
Kingsford Waterbay comes equiped with six commercial shops for sale, estimated about $2,500 to $2,800 psf. These commercial shops are accessible to the public. Now this is very important, imagine having a shop and only to find it surrounded by physical barriers, how to substain your business? There will be 2 security gates near the courtyard to prevent entry into the development. No open fire is allowed for the shops. All shop units comes with floor trap and water point, the ceiling height is 4.3 m and are approximately 3m elevated from road level. The shops are visible from the road and direct walk-in access from the road via side gate. The shop owners' customers will come from the development itself housing 1165 units, students from Serangoon Secondary School, neighbouring developments like Heron Bay, Boathouse Residences, Rio Vista, The Florida and etc.
Kingsford Waterbay has dedicated a child care center space for lease of 10 years. You may or may not have a child coming your way soon but having a child care center in your development certainly adds some spice to your living. This unique feature also helps to attract foreign expatriates to rent from you if you are an investor. This Childcare Center of approximately 500 square meters or 5,380 square foot is expected to host a capacity of 50 pax.
Kingsford Waterbay has direct access to the Park Connector Network or PCN. Anyone who enjoy an active lifestyle of jogging and cycling will certainly agree with me that these activities will be more enjoyable outdoor. Kingsford Waterbay has 3 side gates at the river side. Start your weekend activities straight away with a scenic journey along the river.
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Kingsford Waterbay New Launch Condominium at Upper Serangoon View - Condo Preliminary Information

Kingsford Waterbay Condo Kingsford Waterbay Condo Descriptions
Project Name Kingsford Waterbay
Developer Kingsford Property Development Pte. Ltd.
Tenure of Land 99 years lease from 3rd March 2014
Plot Ratio 3.0
Site Area 27,295.3 sqm / 293,806 sqft
Expected TOP Date (S&P) No later than 1 December 2018
Expected Legal Completion No later than 30 November 2021
Site Location Upper Serangoon View
Showflat Location Please see Kingsford Waterbay Showflat for details like arrival, appointment, maps and parking facilities.
Indicative Price Range Visit Kingsford Waterbay Price for Estimated, Indicative Price Range and unit pricing.
Development Descriptions Proposed Housing Development Comprising 9 blocks of 16 Storey Residential with 1157 units of flat/appartment, 6 units of 2 Storey Strata Terrace Housing, 2 units of Strata Semi-Detached Houses (Total 1165 units), 6 commercial units with 1 storey podium carpark, basement carpark, tennis court, swimming pool, clubhouse, childcare centre & communal faclities on Lot(s) 09752A MK 22 at Upper Serangoon View
Proposed No. of Units 1165 (including 6 units of 2-storey strata terrace and 2 units of strata semi-detached house)
Proposed Unit Mix Sizes are estimated and subject to changes. See Kingsford Waterbay Floor Plans & Kingsford Waterbay Unit Mix
Kingsford Waterbay Address 50 Upper Serangoon View S533893 - Shops
52 Upper Serangoon View S533892 - Strata Terrace Housing
54 Upper Serangoon View S533891 - Strata Terrace Housing
56 Upper Serangoon View S533890 - Strata Terrace Housing
58 Upper Serangoon View S533889 - Strata Terrace Housing
60 Upper Serangoon View S533888 - Strata Terrace Housing
62 Upper Serangoon View S533887 - Strata Terrace Housing
64 Upper Serangoon View S533886 - Strata Terrace Housing
66 Upper Serangoon View S533885
68 Upper Serangoon View S533884
70 Upper Serangoon View S533883
72 Upper Serangoon View S533882
74 Upper Serangoon View S533881
76 Upper Serangoon View S533880
78 Upper Serangoon View S533879
80 Upper Serangoon View S533878
82 Upper Serangoon View S533877 - Strata Semi-Detached House
84 Upper Serangoon View S533876 - Strata Semi-Detached House
Kingsford Waterbay Unit Mix
Kingsford Waterbay Unit Type* Size in Sqft Size in Sqm Share Value
1 Bedroom 474 - 484 44 - 45 5
2 Bedrooms 614 - 657 57 - 61 6
2 Bedrooms 678 - 721 63 - 67 6
3 Bedrooms 850 - 915 79 - 85 6
3 Bedrooms 1001 - 1044 93 - 91 6
3 Bedrooms + Study 1023 95 6
3 Bedrooms Dual Key 958 - 980 89 - 91 6
4 Bedrooms 1033 96 6
4 Bedrooms 1109 - 1216 103 - 113 7
5 Bedrooms 1302 121 7
Strata Terrace 3 Bedrooms 1625 151 7
Strata Semi-D 3 Bedrooms 1593 148 7
Strata Semi-D 4 Bedrooms 1948 181 8
Shops #01-02 to #01-06 431 40  
Shops #01-07 452 42  
*Click to view Kingsford Waterbay Floor Plans of the unit type
Kingsford Waterbay Consultants
Kingsford Waterbay Appointment Kingsford Waterbay Consultants
Interior Designer StudioMuse Pte. Ltd
Local Architect P&T Consultants Pte. Ltd
Landscape Architect EcoPlan Asia Pte. Ltd
Main Contractor To be advised
M & E Consultants United Project Consultants Pte. Ltd
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